Vidalux 2 Person Curved Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna With Complete Heat

Vidalux 2 Person Curved Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna With Complete Heat


Vidalux 2 Person Curved Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna With Complete Heat

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The Vidalux range of high-quality Full Spectrum infrared home saunas is unrivalled. Nothing else on the market can offer the same level of health benefits or leading design that seem to come effortlessly to these sleek and modern looking saunas.

Vidalux’s innovative ‘Complete Heat Technology’ looks to deliver the best and healthiest sauna experience by combining both high-quality FAR carbon heaters together with quartz embedded Full spectrum heaters.

Alongside this patented technology, you’ll find a soft-touch digital control panel, chromotherapy starlight’s and a whole host of media options, the vast improvement against a ‘normal sauna manufacturer’ are immediately apparent in this premium range

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VIDA - Sauna 2 Person Curved
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Built with one single aim in mind – To be the healthiest, most desirable, self-build sauna range on the market. Nothing currently available can offer what these, stunningly designed saunas can offer


The specially selected, high-grade Canadian hemlock offers an eye-catching, fine and light tone that easily compliments most interiors. This sustainably sourced wood is known locally for its natural anti-corrosion is non-allergenic, non-toxic, and has little to no wood aroma. Our high-grade hemlock is more resistant to shrinkage than the most commonly used grade, giving it a longer usage life when compared to other manufacturers.

The captivating large glass front is essential to offer a much more enjoyable sauna experience. This large glass on the Vidalux range is treated and designed to keep the heat inside the sauna whilst allowing the lights within the sauna to dazzle. This truly allows the sauna to become a beautiful feature within the home. The opposite of the most commonly seen ‘box sauna’ comparable to sitting and looking at a modified shed or wardrobe.

All the operations within the Vidalux home sauna range are controlled by our soft-touch digital control panel. Thermostatically controlled heat settings and timer tailor the environment perfectly to your desired setting. A choice of either Bluetooth, FM Radio and USB deliver your choice of music up to the high-quality digital stereo twin speakers in housed in the ceiling of the sauna while the 7 colour chromotherapy ‘starlights’ and delicate uplights behind the wall panels fully captivate your senses to bring a whole new level of relaxation and health benefits


After years of development, Vidalux’s patented next-generation ‘Complete Heat Technology’, offers unparalleled health benefits and relaxation properties. ‘Full Spectrum’ carbon fibre, ruby quartz glass embedded heaters work harmoniously in conjunction with the high-quality Nano-Carbon Crystal Panels, to finally end the debate, ‘Which is better, Carbon heaters, Ceramic heaters or Full spectrum heaters’, by offering the best benefits of all these worlds with none of the disadvantages.

ceramic only heaterCeramic Only Saunas

First-generation ceramic heaters were powerful and emitted a lot of infrared heat, but due to the small service area, the wavelength tended to be shorter and only travelled in a straight line, therefore these are less therapeutic and less beneficial overall. This shorter spread of heat can be an effective way to focus more intensely on specific areas of the body that may need more ‘close up’ attention but these heaters often lead to saunas suffering cold spots at any distance away from the heater.


ceramic only

Carbon Only Saunas

On the other hand, developed to produce higher quality, long wave infrared heat, able to heat the body more intensely and penetrate deeper due to the surface area of the panels. Regular carbon heaters, although more beneficial to the user, their downfall was that they did not produce a lot of infrared heat and take longer to warm up, although this lower heat makes them safer and users able to endure longer sessions and these panels can only product FAR infrared.


complete heat technology

The Solution

Enter Vidalux and this unique range of Complete Heat Full Spectrum Saunas. Using only the best and most modern-looking materials ever seen in this category of saunas, we’ve completely scrapped the old ceramic heaters and replaced them with the next generation of Full Spectrum carbon fibre heaters.

Simply search google and you find companies that offer these heaters as a £200 to £500 upgrade on their ceramic heaters, such is their advantages. Not only that, but we’ve also redeveloped our next generation of carbon fibre to offer a 20% increase of the infrared output (emissivity) versus regular carbon fibre heaters and with Low EMF. 

The Heaters

Vidalux ‘Complete Heat Technology’ heaters were designed by Vidalux solely for use in our saunas and cannot be found anywhere else

‘Complete Heat Technology’  Nano-Carbon Crystal Heaters

Sited on the walls and floor of a Vidalux sauna, these long-life, next-generation Low-EMF panels produce the high-quality FAR infrared spectrum that this technology was designed to deliver. The unbeatable level of health rewards obtained by the user also ensures the cabin is heated throughout with no cold spots while keeping the running cost down.

‘Complete Heat Technology’ Full Spectrum Carbon Fibre Ruby Quartz Heaters

Underneath the ergonomically designed backrest, located close to the user and those large muscle groups, just where the body needs it. These full quartz embedded next-generation, low EMF carbon fibre heaters begin to heat the sauna instantly, producing a powerful, well balanced, high emissivity full spectrum infrared heat. The Near, Middle and Far wavelengths from these heaters not only delivers additional benefits, but it also increases the benefits of the most useful spectrum, the FAR wavelength.

Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum is a reference to the entire coverage of the infrared spectrum:  near-infrared, mid-infrared and far-infrared wavelengths. A lot of infrared saunas on the market today cover only one of these ranges, the ‘FAR Infrared sauna’. These inferior saunas completely bypass the numerous health benefits of the remaining two ranges just to save cost.

All the models in our range incorporate our patented ‘Complete Heat Technology’ Full Spectrum heaters producing near, mid and far-infrared waves. With the deeper penetration, full-spectrum infrared will raise your core body temperature faster, better aid in healing the body, greater reduce inflammation as well as other all-round performance increases.  It is thought an additional 10-15% benefit is gained from a full spectrum sauna versus a FAR only sauna.

Near Infrared –  between 0.075 – 1.5 microns. The shortest wavelength absorbed and penetrates just below the surface of the skin and creates perspiration that promotes and acts are the gateway to expel the bodies toxins and promotes healing and revitalisation of the skin

full sprectrumMid Infrared –  between 1.5 – 5.6 microns Penetrates deeper into the body’s soft tissue increasing circulation, releasing oxygen and white blood cells from the immune system

Far Infrared – between 5.6 – 15 microns is the longest wavelength which penetrates the fat cells causing vasodilation, where the fat cells vibrate to expel toxins, resulting in the greatest levels of detoxification and stimulation of your metabolism to aid in weight-loss.

Click Here To Read A More In-depth Article On Vidalux’s ‘Complete Heat Technology, How It Works And It’s Benefits


  • High-grade Canadian hemlock, non-toxic, high durability
  • Assembles in less than 30 minutes – Simply click together
  • Vidalux’s Digital soft-touch control panel with Bluetooth, FM radio and USB
  • High-quality twin stereo speakers fitted
  • Vidalux’s ‘Complete Heat Technology’  Nano-Carbon Crystal Wall Heaters
  • Vidalux’s ‘Complete Heat Technology’ Full Spectrum Carbon Fibre Ruby Quartz Heaters
  • Vidalux’s ‘Complete Heat Technology’  Nano-Carbon Crystal Foot Heater with extra strength grill
  • Temperature range 20°C – 65°C – Pre-heats in 10 to 15 minutes
  • Advanced internal thermostat
  • Automatic timer function
  • Medical Grade 7 Colour Starlight Chromotherapy lamps with remote control
  • Delicate uplight feature behind wall panels
  • Simply plugs into a standard plug socket
  • Energy efficient
  • Double-wall construction with cavity
  • Invisible fully interlocked panel connection
  • Full tempered and toughened safety glass with 60cm Aluminium designer handle
  • Ergonomically designed curved comfort backrest
  • “Return to Nature” Forest Ionizer
  • Overload protection circuit
  • Vidalux assured quality
  • Comprehensive installation and user manual
  • ISO9001 and CE Certified
  • 5 Year Complete Warranty – subject to registration


More Information
Colour OptionsN/A
Width1000 mm
Length1200 mm
Warranty Period5 Years
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Customer Questions
Is this an outdoor sauna

No, unless the listing or title specifically, "Outdoor sauna" then it is not manufactured or intended to be sited directly outside without making amendments or customisations to the product or at least sitting it in a suitable dry housing/summer house...

Hi, What is internal dimensions please ? Thank you

The walls are approx 3 inches thick. In this case, the internal measurements can be worked out by deducing the wall thickness on the given external measurement

How does your full spectrum compare with the far infrared saunas available on the market? And is the heat in this sauna from ceramic or carbon heaters?

The full spectrum heaters are more beneficial as they offer Full, Medium and Near-infrared. You will see many companies charging £200, £400 or £500 to upgrade from Far heaters to Full Spectrum. A quick search on Google would confirm this The Vidalux...

How much clearance (if any), is needed above the sauna? Would it safely sit in a 2000mm high space

You would need additional space to lift the roof on to the walls as well as to give access to the connections within the roof. 215cm would be more than sufficient

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