Steam Showers

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What is a steam shower?

A steam shower is an all-in-one enclosure fitted with a generator that produces water vapour to fill the enclosure cabin with steam, turning the cabin into a wet sauna, just like at the gym or spa. This offers all the same health benefits and rewards.

Features such as body jets, large overhead shower, Bluetooth, radio and colour lighting are other commonplace additions to a steam shower 

What is a steam shower like?

Entirely the same as the steam room at the spa or gym only in the privacy of your own home and set just how you want it. The shower cabin is filled with humidifying steam set to moisturise your skin, clear your airways, reduce your stress levels and is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating the body and mind

What are the benefits of having a steam shower?

There are many benefits. The steam cleanses the skin from the inside to help acne, blemishes and leaves a healthier glow. Easier shaving, think Turkish steam shave. The humidity triggers a reaction inside the body to boost your immune system to rid illnesses or treat ailments such as Arthritis.

Perspiring in the steam shower will burn calories, promote weight loss and increase metabolism while the relaxing environment and self-care will improve your mental state and health

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between a steam shower and a regular shower?

A steam shower is a multi-functioning shower cabin and usually includes a monsoon shower head, body jets and a handheld shower. The main difference is the added steam generator which allows you to obtain the benefits of a spa or sauna treatment. It is also equipped with leading technology including Bluetooth, radio, touch screen control, and chromotherapy lighting. Whereas a regular shower would only have the basic function of one shower head and no other features.

How much does it cost to run a steam shower? Is it expensive?

The steam sauna function costs surprisingly little to run. Based on the current costs of 15p per KW per hour. A  30 min session with a standard 2.8kw generator costs only £0.23 pence Compare this to the cost of traveling to a Sauna at the local gym and paying for the membership, without even talking about the hassle of leaving the house and you're really making a saving.

How many calories do you burn in a steam room for 15 minutes?

At a typical temperature, a 15-minute steam shower session can burn up to 150 calories. This is typically water weight but as the body generates sweat, its working harder resulting in the breaking down of calories and removal of toxins. Why is sweat salty? Sweat is made up of the same materials as urine and removing these toxins offers many benefits

Can a steam shower be used with a combi boiler?

A minimum of 1 Bar of pressure up to a maximum of 3 Bar is required to function a steam shower. As a combi boiler is a constant and stable pressured system they are the ideal water supply for a steam shower. Mega flow systems or any other pressurised systems are suitable. A system that will require attention would be an 'open-top, gravity-fed system'. This type of setup would require a 'booster pump'. Please always consult a professional in regards to your individual setup if uncertain

Does a steam shower need a water softener?

If you live in a hard water area that is susceptible to limescale, the answer is yes. A water softener will remove any limescale and impurities in your water supply and stop them from entering into the steam generator. If a steam generator fails due to limescale, much like a kettle element would, this may not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty as it is not product fault, it is, the water delivered to it. You can check your postcode and water HERE. We offer a Vidalux water softener to treat a home of up to 4 bedrooms HERE - £10 off when purchased with a shower

What should I look for when buying a steam shower?

First is a reliable brand. Luckily for you, we've done that bit for you. We are the biggest in the UK and have been at the top for years. Brads are fighting tooth and nail to get on board with us. Don't see a brand here? that's because we've deemed it 'not good enough. We only sell the best brands, with the best build quality and reliability. If it's not on our site, there's a reason

Do I need to worry about the build-up of mould/moisture?

The majority of the steam, by design, is kept inside the cabin. The major escape of steam would be when exiting after a sauna session. If you simply wait a few minutes before exiting, the steam will vapourise on the cabin walls and dissipate. A steam shower would be similar to a regular shower and with good ventilation, you should not experience any moulding or moisture damage, this is, however, different for all and dependant on the bathroom. Fixtures made from porous wood are of course more at risk. Additional extractor fans would help in bathrooms where fixtures and ventilation are not ideal

How often do steam showers need maintenance?

It is advised that you give your shower maintenance a minimum of once per year. This would include checking the seals, joints, nozzles and valves. For this reason, we recommend you leave a minimum of 40mm moving room around your shower cubicle for access. The cabins are freestanding and are not sealed or fixed to the wall and are easily moved jet safe to use and stand rigid during against a wall

Can I use aromatherapy oils with a steam shower?

Most steam outlets allow for adding additional aroma oils either inside the outlet or to diffusers. If this function is available, it will be advertised on the product listing. The benefits of aromatherapy oils are wide-ranging and include improved sleep, relief from coughs and colds to relaxation and mindfulness properties Find our range of oils and aromas here

How to build / install a steam shower?

Every steam shower will come with a full and comprehensive installation manual and can be done at home with no professional help or paid service. The manufacturers make no insistence on a 'paid fitting' and we find that a high percentage of our customers choose to 'self install' with no issue or concern or need to seek additional advice from our technical support The build is similar to any shower enclosure and has the same degree of difficulty with only the additional mains electric connection to consider

Why do I need 40mm around the shower when fitting?

Once fully built, the showers will simply slide back tight to the wall or corner. However, as the pipework, electrics and connections are all located behind the unit, during the build, you will need to access to connect these This means, you physically need to get down at least one side of the shower and have the shower away from the back wall enough to allow for this access at all times during the build. Once complete, slide the shower back against the wall and into its final position

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Common Health Benefits
Joint and Muscle Relaxation

If you're tired after a hard day or aching from a workout at the gym, a steam shower will be perfect to help revive your body and mind. The heat inside the sauna increases your blood flow and in turn delivers blood cells to the areas that need repair The relaxing steam loosens stiff and uncomfortable joints and is especially useful for arthritis sufferers. Many medical studies have proved the benefit of this increase in blood flow and repair and the vast majority of users report a substantial improvement in their condition

Boost your Immune system

From the common cold to the more serious ailments, regular steam sessions are proven to strengthen your immune system to help fight against illness and bugs. The humid environment increases core temperature and 'tricks' the body into believing it has the flu. Your body's natural reaction is to go into defense mode and create white blood cells and to practice 'natural self-healing'. Think of it as training your body. When a real illness comes around, such as a cold, a steam shower will help open up your airways and loosen any mucus

Improve your mental health

Think about it, how far away is your gym? Packing your gym bag, paying the gym fee, dealing with the noisy neighbors in the sauna when your there. No thanks!! After a hard day simply add a few drops of aroma oils into the steam outlet, select your favorite playlist and set the mood lighting just right and drift away in a cloud of relaxation. Release endorphins and improved sleep are just some of the rewards you can obtain in the same amount of time it takes to simply drive to your gym and back

Can a steam shower help asthma sufferers?

Unlike traditional saunas which are a dry heat and can irritate and be hard to endure, the wet heat in a steam shower is much more enjoyable and much easier to sit in and enjoy. The beneficial wet moist air will help open up and relax your airways allowing you to breathe much easier. The steam and vapour can also penetrate much deeper into the lungs than any other means of similar treatment

Will a steam shower make my skin healthier?

One of the leading benefits is the deep clean for your skin. The hot steam cleans together with your body perspiring and pushing toxins out through the skin resulting in a fresh healthy glow, reduced blemishes and spots. The steam opens up and gets right into the pores of the skin and removes any impurities, dirt or oil, leaving a much better, spa treatment complexion behind