Steam Generators

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What are steam generators?

Steam generators are exactly what their name suggests. They are a way to add heat to water to produce steam. Some showers come with steam generators. If not, they can often be retrofitted. Steam generators can also be used outside showers e.g. in a wet room

What are it’s benefits of a steam room?

A steam room delivers heat and steam. The heat boosts your heart rate meaning that blood goes round your body faster, delivering oxygen and nutrients and taking away toxins. It also encourages sweat. Sweat and steam both cleanse your body from the inside out

Frequently Asked Questions
Will it be the same as the steam room at the gym?

The effect will be the same as the steam room at the gym. The steam room at the gym will probably be bigger so it will need a commercial-standard steam generator but the science and principle are the exact same. Heat and humidity brought on by steam to induce perspiration

Does the KW of the steam generator affect the function?

The KW of the steam generator affects the rate it can produce steam. Commercial steam rooms need a high KW rating because of the size of the room and home steam rooms and steam showers are fine with less powerful steam generators. Having a high KW in a small space would flood the room and be unbearable, not powerful enough and the room would not heat

What is the best value for money steam generator, i.e 4.5kw or 6kw?

Again it is all down to the size of the room, you do not want something too powerful it is burning more power than is required. Most generators are very efficient and most expenditure is used to make steam. Use the manufacturers guide carefully to gauge the size required and we recommend going slightly over to ensure the generator is adequate

How do I specify the size and KW I need for my room?

Taken from the Vidalux manual, please note, different manufacturers may vary and this is for guidance only. CLICK 'READ MORE' TO SEE THE GUIDE

What electrical connections and cable do I need?

Taken from the Vidalux manual, however, all manufacturers will be similar.   CLICK 'READ MORE' TO SEE THE GUIDE

What materials do I need to construct the room?

Traditionally porcelain tiles have generally been used for steam rooms. These are cool, durable and easy to clean. Tiles should be none porous and precautions should be made for the slippy floor. Modern steam rooms can simply be wet rooms with suitably waterproofed walls or PVC paneling

Do I place the control panel inside or outside the room?

Usually, you will put the control panel on the back wall of your steam room for ease of use. That said, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You may wish to put it outside so users cannot touch or alter the settings. Either is usually fine as the control panels are steam and waterproof

Where do I need to house the generator itself?

The generator MUST be accessible for future servicing. and MUST NOT be installed inside the steam room itself. Common locations include a bespoke cabinet outside the room, a nearby closet, basement or attic. You can even install inside a custom made seating area as long as it is closed off and reasonably out of the heat

I live in a hard water area, do I need a water softener?

If you live in a hard water area it’s highly advisable to use a water softener with your steam generator. This will prevent it from becoming clogged up by limescale. Limescale damage is unlikely to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty so a water-softener is a good investment

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