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3 Dial 6 Output Thermostatic Shower Valve with Faceplate’s

Three Dial Shower valve designed for showers with five outputs (ie Hand shower, Monsoon and Body Jets). Inputs for Hot and Cold water. Regarding the hose connections and/or if you have a steam shower, please see the further notes below.

Hose connections with these valves, are by way of push fit hoses secured with a Jubilee clip. Should your existing shower hoses have screw fit connections, you can simply cut the screw ends off and purchase Jubilee clips from our online store and convert to push fit connections. Alternatively, you can purchase new replacement hoses, that are also available here at this website above.

This model is suitable for steam showers, should this be used on a non steam model you will need to blank off the steam outlet.


100mm Centres

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