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In the old days, showers were for people who were too short on time and/or space to enjoy a proper bath. 

These days, however, showers are recognized as being different from baths, but every bit their equal. 

Admittedly in some cases the choice between a shower or a bath will be dictated primarily by space rather than by choice, but once a person has experienced a real, quality shower, they may well decide that actually, they can manage just fine without a bath after all. 

Here at Poshh, we have a huge range of shower enclosures including quadrant shower enclosures, offset quadrant enclosures, square shower enclosures and walk-in shower enclosures. 

We have shower pods and shower cabins as well us luxurious steam showers or even steam showers with whirlpool. 

Alternatively, if you want something a little different, check out what we have to offer for wetrooms. 

As always, we have the basics covered too with shower trays, shower doors, shower side panels and accessories and wastes.

Each and every item in our extensive selection comes from one of the best brands around, such as Hudson Reed, Insignia, Lisna Waters, Premier Bathrooms, Ultra Finishing and Vidalux. 

These are all brands that have been around for years and which show every sign of staying around for years. 

In other words, with the quality of these products, you’re unlikely ever to need to call on your guarantee, but if you do, it will mean what it says.


Shower enclosures

shower enclosureWhen you’re thinking about buying a new shower enclosure, it’s a good idea to start by measuring how much space you have available in your bathroom and then, depending on the result, deciding how much of that you are prepared to dedicate to a shower enclosure (as opposed to other possible purposes). 

When you’re thinking about this, remember to account for the practicalities of accessing the shower. 

In terms of maximizing space, square shower enclosures are the most compact and walk-in shower enclosures eliminate the need to have to leave space free for the enclosure door to open. 

If you have concerns about a walk-in shower enclosure leading to a flooded bathroom, you can put your mind at rest.  We only work with quality brands, which create products that actually work! 

Quadrant shower enclosures and offset quadrant enclosures provide a little extra room, but the big difference is in the aesthetics. 

Basically, quadrant shower enclosures and offset quadrant enclosures both have curves, which can literally add a visual sweep to a bathroom and in some bathroom designs this can be used to guide the eye to where you want it to go.


Shower pods and shower cabins

Shower pods and shower cabins are very similar in principle and operation. 

The term shower pods tends to be used to describe simpler appliances whereas the term shower cabin tends to be used to refer to appliances with a fuller feature set. 

In either case, arguably the single, biggest advantage of both shower pods and shower cabins is that they are self-contained. 

This means firstly that they can be placed adjacent to walls without the need for tiling and secondly that the possibility for leaks is completely eliminated. 


Steam showers and steam showers with whirlpool

steam showerLuxury and wellbeing finally come to a bathroom near you - literally.  Let us explain what the term “steam shower” means in practical terms. 

First of all, you will benefit from two, quality showers, a hand shower and a monsoon shower head, so you’ll be able to choose from a range of water-flow styles. 

Secondly, you’ll enjoy a relaxing and stress-relieving massage from the hydrotherapy jets.  Thirdly, you’ll be able to make the most of the health-enhancing properties of steam in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

You may be aware of how steam can help both body and mind, or you may simply have heard the term “steam treatments” and wondered what they actually were and what they could do for you. 

Put quite simply, steam cleanses the body and mind inside and out and, in so doing, it relaxes both stressed minds and aching muscles.  Because high-quality steam showers are intended to be used as serious health-and-wellness devices, they generally come with additional features to enhance the core functionality. 

The extent and nature of these features will depend on the price point, but as a minimum you can expect steam showers to come with mood lighting and music options. 

Entry-level steam showers will typically come with LED lights set in the ceiling of the cabin and an FM radio, whereas upper-end steam showers will come with chromotherapy lighting, which will cycle through different colours unless you choose to set it on a particular colour and Bluetooth connectivity for you to access the playlists on your mobile device(s) while in the shower. 

They’ll be quite safe, the shower cabins are completely leak-proof. 

Steam showers also tend to include some form of aromatherapy functionality as steam is a perfect carrier for essential oils since it is both pure and capable of carrying the benefits of the oils through the entire body very effectively. 

This functionality can be used purely for relaxation and cosmetic purposes or it can be used medically, such as helping to clear up stuffy sinuses in winter. 

If we’ve piqued your interest in having a steam shower in your own bathroom, we can tell you that steam showers with whirlpool take this to another level. 

Not only do they give you a compact bath to make the absolute most of your bathroom space, but that bath includes massage jets. 

What could be better?  Steam showers with whirlpool are a great choice for anyone who experiences mental or physical stress, particularly those with active lifestyles who need to take particular care of their muscles.



wetroomOur shower pods, shower cabins, steam showers and steam showers with whirlpool are all self-contained to eliminate leakage. 

Our shower enclosures are all of the highest quality to minimize the chance of leaks. 

Wetrooms, however, are all about getting wet - in the best possible way. 

It does have to be said that installing a wetroom is very much a job for professionals since the bathroom floor needs to be sloped so that the water will run towards a drain and the entire bathroom needs to be made completely waterproof. 

What this means in practical terms is that the floor, lower walls and shower area will be covered with a waterproof membrane (which itself sits on top of a primer) and this will then be covered with tiles. 

This absolutely must be done both completely and with total accuracy since water can cause a lot of damage to a house.  (To put this in perspective, in cases where there is a fire in a house and it is put out with water, the water often causes a whole lot more damage than the fire). 

You may also want to make an adjustment to the door to raise the threshold (which will mean either shortening the door or getting a new one). 

The idea behind this is that it will help to contain the water if someone accidentally covers the shower drain and will give the person concerned time to notice and take remedial action (namely uncovering the drain) before the house is flooded. 

It’s worth noting that even though the general idea behind wet rooms is that the whole bathroom becomes a shower, in the very smallest of bathrooms it’s often a good idea to fit a shower screen, just to give a bit of protection to the other areas of the bathroom, particularly if it’s possible that one person may want to use the toilet or sink while the other person is showering.

wetroomsWet rooms can be a great way to maximize the functionality of small bathrooms and if you use a shower panel, you can add a real touch of both “wow” and luxury to a space that would otherwise have been simply a cloakroom. 

While they are inherently stylish, always remember to keep practicalities in mind when creating your bathroom design. 

For example, you’re going to need to keep paper goods, like toilet paper, both the roll in use and any spares kept in the bathroom, in some form of storage where they are accessible but contained. 

Similar comments apply to cloth items such as towels and any items of clothing brought into the wetroom. 

These are generally minor issues, which can be easily resolved with a bit of astute planning, you just need to remember them.

As a final point, while wetrooms are generally used in smaller spaces, they can also be an appropriate choice in larger ones if the home owner wants to improve accessibility, for example for older people or those with mobility issues.

Shower trays, shower doors, shower side panels, accessories and wastes

As always, we have you covered in every way.  If all you need is one or more parts to install in your dream bathroom, you’ll find them here.