Shower Cabins

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What is a shower Cabin?

A shower cabin is a self-contained shower enclosure made of glass. All the water stays in the shower so you don’t need to tile walls. You also eliminate problems with mould on grout or shower curtains. Shower cabins are available in shapes and sizes to fit any bathroom

What are the benefits of a shower cabin?

The main benefits of a shower cabin are that it is more affordable than tiling and they require less maintenance. With nothing installed behind walls, they are leakfree and often come wiith more features such as jets, lights and Bluetooth

Frequently Asked Questions
Are shower cabins any good?

Shower cabins are really good for value and performance. They cut the cost of tiling and installation. They’re much easier to maintain than traditional showers and nothing is hidden behind walls or out of reach for maintenance. The glass is also easier to clean instead of scrubbing tiling

Are shower cabins easy to install?

High-quality shower cabins are really easy to install. You only need a few, common tools and DIY know-how to put them together. Then you just connect the shower to the mains. Alternatively, you could get a plumber to do that bit for you, but for the most part, it is only screws and bolts

What is a hydromassage shower?

A hydromassage shower is basically the same idea as a whirlpool bath or hot tub but in a vertical format. It uses jets of water to simulate the effect of having a massage. These jets are usually positioned to target your core body, especially your lower back

How much does it cost to install a shower cabin?

You can install a shower cabin yourself if you’re competent at DIY. If you’re not, then you’d usually be looking at £200 -£250 for labour. This would depend on where you live and on whether you need someone to assemble the shower cabin or just to connect it or do anything additional to building the shower

Do I need a professional to install the shower?

No, if you can put together flat-pack furniture you can put together a shower cabin. If you can plumb in a washing machine you can plumb in a shower. If you can’t, it’s no problem. There will be plenty of local tradespeople who can install the shower for you

Do you recommend any fitting services?

You can fit the shower yourself if you’re handy at DIY. If not, the easiest way to get a fitter is to check your local area for recommendations. Any handyperson can put a shower together. Any plumber can install one. Just look for someone with good reviews and reasonable prices

Some showers need an extra 40cm space, why is that?

You need additional space to access the back of the shower during the build. This is at access the water connections and panel fixings. Therefore, the item is built away from the wall until completed to allow a body behind. Once finished, the shower will slide back into place, flush against the wall without any gaps

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