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What is a sauna?

A sauna is a room heated to a high temperature so that the people inside it sweat. Traditional saunas use steam created by pouring water onto hot rocks. Originally the rocks were heated by fire, modern saunas often use electric heaters and infrared panels to heat

What are the benefits of having a sauna?

Saunas combine the benefits of heat and steam. The heat relaxes body and mind. It also opens up the body’s pores and encourages sweat which is a cleanser. The steam cleanses the body inside and out. It can even get deep into the lungs to soothe respiratory conditions

What does a sauna do for your body?

A sauna both relaxes and stimulates the body. The heat relaxes both muscles and blood vessels. It also stimulates blood flow. This is very beneficial for the joints and can relieve even chronic pain e.g. from arthritis. The steam deep-cleanses the body both inside and outside

Frequently Asked Questions
Which is best, a Traditional sauna or infrared?

A traditional sauna combines the benefits of heat and steam. An infrared sauna only offers the benefit of heat but does penetrate deeper and offers more health rewards. Infrared saunas are easier to tolerated and easier to facilitate in the home. However many traditionalists prefer the natural solutions of a traditional sauna

How do saunas work?

A traditional sauna works by heating both the general space and the container of rocks. Water is poured on the rocks and these create steam to create humidity. Modern use infrared heat to penetrate deeper into the skin below surface level and heat from the inside out. Both methods encourage perspiration, increased blood flow and burn calories

Is it OK to sauna every day?

For most people, it is OK to sauna every day as long as you take proper precautions. In particular, make sure that you drink plenty of water and have something light to eat both before and after your treatment. It’s also OK if you sauna 3-5 times a week as an addition to a healthy lifestyle

How long should I be in a sauna?

In principle, you should stay in a sauna as long as you feel comfortable. In practice, it’s best to stick to a maximum of 15-20 minutes to begin to gauge your tolerance. A 20 minute sauna will give you the benefits of a sauna without risking dehydration or excessive loss of body salts through sweat

Should you drink water in a sauna?

You can drink water in a sauna. It is, however, more important to drink water before and after your sauna treatment. When you are in a sauna, you can have any soft drinks you like but avoid alcohol and be careful with caffeine.

Why sauna after a workout?

A good workout will damage your muscles slightly. Your post-workout recovery period is when those muscles start to grow back stronger. The heat of a sauna relaxes your muscles, expands your blood vessels and stimulates blood flow to the areas needing repair. This all contributes to quicker, more effective, recovery

Is sauna good for skin?

Saunas are great for the skin. The heat from the sauna opens your pores and makes you sweat. The sweat cleanses your body from the inside outwards as does the steam. In fact, the steam gets right into your body, dragging nutrients to the front. After your sauna, your body will be primed to absorb moisturizer

Do saunas detox your body?

Saunas detox you by making you sweat, this is a natural way to remove toxins. The reason sweat smells is that it is full of much of the same waste and unwanted nasties as urine. The sweat passing out through the skin gives it a throughout cleanse also

What does an infrared sauna do?

An infrared sauna gives you the benefits of heat without steam making it easier to tolerate for some users. The infrared rays penetrate deeper into the body to offer greater relaxed muscles and blood vessels thus relieving pain. It also stimulates blood flow and encourages sweat and detoxing

Do infrared saunas really work?

Infrared saunas are effective and widely accepted heat treatments. They relax the body and mind, loosening stiff muscles and expanding blood vessels to improve blood flow. Better circulation means faster delivery of oxygen and nutrients and faster removal of toxins. Infrared saunas also make you sweat promoting detox and weight loss

Can infrared saunas burn fat?

Infrared saunas don’t burn fat directly, however, they do burn calories. They also boost your metabolism. The faster your metabolism works, the more quickly you further burn off your calorie intake. Even on its own, an infrared sauna can help with weight loss. If you can exercise as well, it will enhance the effects of a healthy lifestyle

Can you bring your phone into a sauna?

You can but it’s better to leave it out. Firstly the heat and steam of a sauna can do a lot of damage to a phone, even if it’s in a great case. Secondly, a sauna should be 15-20 minutes of deep, peaceful relaxation for you. In either case, the phone manufacturer I'm sure would not recommend it

Is a sauna good for arthritis?

A sauna is great for arthritis. The heat relaxes the body and expands blood vessels. This eases the stiffness in your joints and gets the circulation going in them. It also boosts your heart rate, this speeds up the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your joints. Many doctors recommend saunas as an active treatment

Does a sauna reduce inflammation?

A sauna can do a lot to reduce inflammation. Saunas stimulate the heart. This, in turn, stimulates the blood flow. Blood contains white cells which repair damage to the body. This includes inflammation. Blood also delivers oxygen and nutrients and carries away toxins

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Common Health Benefits

Saunas are often used for their mental health benefits. The 15-20 minutes you spend in a sauna is a chance to disconnect from networks and screens and reconnect with yourself. The heat relaxes your mind and your body so you achieve a state of deep mental and physical relaxation

Post-workout recovery

After a workout, let your mind relax while your body repairs itself. The heat of a sauna relaxes your muscles, joints and blood vessels. That soothes any post-workout pain and encourages the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Increased circulation and sweat also help to remove toxins including lactic acid

Relieving joint pain

A sauna will relax joints and muscles. It will also expand blood vessels and boost your heart rate. This means that white blood cells, oxygen and nutrients all get delivered more quickly. This soothes inflammation and promotes overall health. Blood and sweat also carry away unwanted toxins

Weight management

Saunas stimulate your heart rate in the same way as exercise does. This helps to boost your metabolism. The faster your metabolic rate is, the faster you burn off calories. A sauna can help you to manage your weight even if you can’t exercise

Better skin, hair and nails

Eating a healthy diet gets nutrients into the body. After that, however, it’s down to the blood to carry them around the body. Saunas boost your circulation so your skin, hair and nails get nutrients more quickly. The blood flow and sweat also detoxify the body by carrying away toxins