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Product Review: Insignia GT8721 Hydro Shower Cabin Enclosure

At 900mm x 900mm x 2170mm, the Insignia GT8721 could feasibly be tucked into a larger en suite, particularly when you remember that as a free-standing shower cabin, it can safely be placed against untiled walls. Alternatively it is robust enough to be used in a family bathroom and could therefore provide a space-saving alternative to a standard bath. In either case, its stylish and understated aesthetics will fit right in to any existing bathroom set up. Furthermore it comes in a total of 12 colours, including the 9 new “carbon” colours, so no matter what look you want to create, you’ll be able to find an Insignia GT8721 to suit your plans.

Even though the Insignia GT8721 is at the more affordable end of Insignia’s range of showers, it’s still built to the same high standards and comes backed by a 5-year warranty (upon registration). All customer service and technical support is provided from the UK (Milton Keynes) and Insignia also stocks spare parts in the UK to avoid their customers suffering lengthy waits for the delivery of a replacement part.

Insignia GT8721 Hydro Shower Cabin Enclosure

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Key Features and Benefits of the Insignia GT8721 Hydro Shower Cabin

In spite of its compact size, the Insignia GT8721 packs in a lot of advanced features. The most obvious of these is probably the 6 hydrotherapy jets along the central column. These are located so that they can be used just as comfortably by someone seated on the drop-down “cabin style” stool as by someone standing in front of them. The hydrotherapy jets can be used in combination with the monsoon shower head, which provides the same sort of luxurious feel as being in a bath in that the user is completely immersed in warm water. The Insignia GT8721 contains a mixer valve and NOT a thermostatic valve which might be a concern for some, as there is not frontline defence against temperature fluctuations as with a thermostatic valve which ensures that the water always stays at the user’s desired temperature. This can be rectified by fitting a pressure equalising valve or thermostatic controller behind the shower which should then prevent the shower from delivering water which is either excessively cold or excessively hot.

The hand shower makes use of the same shower valve and is on a riser so it can be easily and conveniently adjusted to the height of the user. The force of the water it delivers can also be adjusted from a strong burst to a light mist via a standard spray, making it very versatile in operation. It’s an excellent option for users who need a quick “no frills” but effective shower when they are pressed for time and can also be used for a range of household cleaning duties, for example rinsing off muddy pets after walks.

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The Insignia GT8721 comes with mood lighting, which is still bright enough to mean that shower users will always have a clear view of the M touch control panel, which is located towards the top of the central column and hence is out of reach of younger children and as an extra safety precaution, the panel auto-locks after 10 seconds of inactivity. The lights reflect off the mirrored-glass back of the cabin to create the impression of extra space. Similarly the two convenient shelves are made out of glass, which is stylish, unobtrusive and, being transparent, assists in maintaining the flow of light. The shelves offer plenty of room for a variety of shower products and so encourage users to keep them off the floor, thus removing a tripping hazard.

Music is no longer just for the bath. The Insignia GT8721 comes complete with an integrated FM radio and a high-quality speaker, which can be used even when the hydrotherapy jets and monsoon shower head are both in full flow. At this point in time FM is still a better choice than DAB for appliances such as the Insignia GT8721 partly since DAB reception and partly since FM has lower power requirements. Purchasers can rest assured that the signs point to FM being a feature of the UK radio landscape for some years to come.

Speaking of long-term fixtures, the Insignia GT8721 has been crafted out of materials, which have been chosen for their combination of robustness, safety and an attractive appearance. For example the base of the shower is made of reinforced polymer with an anti-slip base, but all that meets the eye is its crisp appearance. The glass panels and doors into the cabin are made of tempered glass and the doors are also easy-glide with a magnetic closure. All the metal fittings inside the cabin have strong rust-proof qualities.

Summary of the Insignia GT8721 Hydro Shower

The Insignia GT8721 may be the choice for you if you’re looking for a compact hydrotherapy shower which offers great value for money without compromising on build quality. It can add a touch of luxury to an en suite, free up valuable floor space in a family bathroom or be used to add to the appeal of rental properties.

Technical Details

Water-pressure requirements

In order for more advanced features such as the hydrotherapy jets and the monsoon shower head to work effectively, it is important that there is a minimum pressure of at least 2.5 Bar. This is well within the capability of mains-fed water systems, however if your home has a gravity-fed water system, then you will probably need to have a plumber install a pump for you. Maximum recommended pressure is 3 Bar and must never exceed 3.4 Bar otherwise damage may result. It may therefore be advisable to have a pressure-reducing valve fitted to mains-fed water systems as damage resulting from excessive water pressure will be outside the scope of the warranty. Likewise those in hard-water areas are recommended to fit a water softener to prevent damage from lime scale, which is also outside the scope of the warranty.

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Electrical requirements

The total electrical requirements for the Insignia GT8721 are as follows:

Voltage Rating 220 -240AC

Frequency Rating 50HZ

Power Rating 2.8KW

In order for the warranty on electrical components (such as the control panel) to be valid, the connection between the shower and the mains must be made by a qualified electrician. This is also likely to be a requirement for the home owner’s insurance and may be mandatory under local laws. It is also strongly recommended to install surge protection to prevent the electrical components being damaged by spikes from the mains supply.


Installing the Insignia GT8721 requires two people, of whom one has to have competent DIY skills and a set of standard household tools, along with plumber’s mait and bacteria-resistant sanitary silicone. It is very important that designated sanitary silicone is used for the joins rather than ordinary silicone as the latter could become a hygiene hazard. Insignia will supply all the hardware required for the actual assembly of the shower, the home owner will simply need to purchase two flexible, braided hoses of at least one metre in length (each). When the shower arrives, the home owner should check the contents of the boxes against the list in the installation and user manual within 48 hours of receipt and prior to assembling the shower. If anything is missing or damaged, Insignia will be happy to provide a replacement.

The most popular and quickest selling shower in Insignias range - here we give the GT8721 our full review