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Sauna FAQ's

How will my sauna arrive?
Via courier on a pallet
Is this an outdoor sauna
No, unless the listing or title specifically, "Outdoor sauna" then it is not manufactured or intended to be sited directly outside without making amendments or customisations to the product or at least sitting it in a suitable dry housing/summer house...
How much electricity will my item use?
The quick answer is KW's or watt multiplied by the cost per hour   Let's break it down a little: According to THIS WEBSITE HERE - the average cost per KW (1000 watts) is about £0.15p per hour So, if a steam shower, for example, is ...
Which is best, a Traditional sauna or infrared?
A traditional sauna combines the benefits of heat and steam. An infrared sauna only offers the benefit of heat but does penetrate deeper and offers more health rewards. Infrared saunas are easier to tolerated and easier to facilitate in the home. However...
How do saunas work?
A traditional sauna works by heating both the general space and the container of rocks. Water is poured on the rocks and these create steam to create humidity. Modern use infrared heat to penetrate deeper into the skin below surface level and heat from...
Is it OK to sauna every day?
For most people, it is OK to sauna every day as long as you take proper precautions. In particular, make sure that you drink plenty of water and have something light to eat both before and after your treatment. It’s also OK if you sauna 3-5 times a week...
How long should I be in a sauna?
In principle, you should stay in a sauna as long as you feel comfortable. In practice, it’s best to stick to a maximum of 15-20 minutes to begin to gauge your tolerance. A 20 minute sauna will give you the benefits of a sauna without risking dehydration...
Should you drink water in a sauna?
You can drink water in a sauna. It is, however, more important to drink water before and after your sauna treatment. When you are in a sauna, you can have any soft drinks you like but avoid alcohol and be careful with caffeine.
Why sauna after a workout?
A good workout will damage your muscles slightly. Your post-workout recovery period is when those muscles start to grow back stronger. The heat of a sauna relaxes your muscles, expands your blood vessels and stimulates blood flow to the areas needing...
Is sauna good for skin?
Saunas are great for the skin. The heat from the sauna opens your pores and makes you sweat. The sweat cleanses your body from the inside outwards as does the steam. In fact, the steam gets right into your body, dragging nutrients to the front. After...
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