Sauna FAQ's

How will my sauna arrive?

Via courier on a pallet

Is this an outdoor sauna

No, unless the listing or title specifically, "Outdoor sauna" then it is not manufactured or intended to be sited directly outside without making amendments or customisations to the product or at least sitting it in a suitable dry housing/summer house...

How much electricity will my item use?

The quick answer is KW's or watt multiplied by the cost per hour   Let's break it down a little: According to THIS WEBSITE HERE - the average cost per KW (1000 watts) is about £0.15p per hour So, if a steam shower, for example, is ...

How much clearance (if any), is needed above the sauna? Would it safely sit in a 2000mm high space

You would need additional space to lift the roof on to the walls as well as to give access to the connections within the roof. 215cm would be more than sufficient

Having looked at your installation guide am I right in thinking that a registered electrician is required for installation so as to obtain a warranty ?

Anyone can install one of these saunas, indeed they are designed to be quick build and any DIY'er can have the body assembled within 20 minutes. If there is a plug socket nearby, they simply plugin. UK law states that any new electric supply (feed...

Can the units be disassembled to reassemble elsewhere if necessary

Yes, the innovative 'click and lock' system means they can be with you for life in any room or home

What space do I need around the vidulax 1 person sauna including height. And what floor surface does it need

You do need to be able to get access to each side to build so at least the width of a body at one side and the back. The top you just need enough space to be able to get your hands in, approx 200cm

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