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Installing a steam shower

The perfect installation of a steam shower is by no means a hard task, it is no more taxing than installing a standard shower enclosure. Most of the pipework and extra electrics will come pre-installed from the manufacturer and with steam showers becoming more and more popular, more and more plumbers are becoming experts at installing them.

As with anything so popular, there are hundreds of articles and guideline out there on how to go about installing your unit, though this is one of our favorite steam shower installation articles

With that said there are a few guidelines that need to be meet to ensure the proper installation of your unit


Quick Steam Shower Installation Guidelines

  • Floor – Ideally this will be flat and smooth, though the legs on the showers are adjustable. Floor boards are ok, tiles are best
  • Room – Because the build of a steam shower takes place around the back, there must be enough room in the bathroom for the completed shower and for a person to fit around the back of the unit for its installation. The unit is then slid back into it final resting position upon completion
  • Roof - Additional height should be available above the unit(at least 10cm) for the plumbing to the overhead shower and to allow proper functioning of the extraction fan and various features.
  • All Electrical works to accommodate the shower MUST be carried out by a qualified Electrician
  • To ensure the desired shower fits correctly 'flush' against all walls, with out modification, the waste connection to the unit should be beneath the unit


There MUST be enough space in the bathroom for the shower and for a person to get behind it.

This can sometimes mean that unfortunately a 900 x 900 shower cannot fit into a 900 x 900 space if there are other objects, I.E bathroom fixtures in the way that hinder an installer accessing the back of the unit at all times during the installation

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