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What is a Hot Tub?

A hot tub is a pool with air jets, which massage the body. Most hot tubs are inflatable and used outdoors. Some are only used in the warmer months but others are used all year. Hot tubs are often used for socializing. They can also have medical benefits

What are the benefits of having a Hot Tub?

A lot of people love to have hot tubs just for the benefits of socializing. There are health benefits too.

1. The hot water relaxes body and mind

2. The jets stimulate the body, improving your circulation

3. The combination of heat and massage is great for pain relief

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are hot tubs expensive to run?

A high-quality hot tub will cost about £1 to £1.50 a day to run, depending on size. If you want to minimize the running cost of a hot tub:1 Choose a small tub2. Keep the lid on (out of use)3. Clean it and maintain it

How often should you change hot tub water?

Change your hot tub water every 3 to 4 months if you’re using your hot tub regularly. This will prevent excessive chemical buildup. If you’re only using your hot tub occasionally, you can leave the water for up to a year

Is it cheaper to leave a hot tub on?

It’s cheaper to leave your hot tub on at its usual temperature if you’re using it regularly. If you’re only using it occasionally, it’s still best to leave it switched on. You can, however, save some money by turning down the temperature a few degrees

Are hot tubs high maintenance?

Hot tubs are very easy to maintain as long as you choose a high-quality model. You just need to clean the water, the filters and the tub itself. Most of this can be done with cleaning products. The key point is to do regular maintenance so everything keeps running smoothly

What hot tub chemicals do I need?

The hot tub chemicals you need are:a pH increasera pH decreasersodium-dichlorchlorine granules OR Bromine or Oxygen The pH increaser and decreaser balance the water. The sodium-dichlor removes algae and boosts other cleaning products. Chlorine is generally used as a sanitiser but bromine and oxygen are alternatives.

How often should you add chlorine to your hot tub?

You will generally need to add chlorine to your hot tub every 1-3 days depending on how often you use it. You need to maintain a chlorine level of between 3-5mg/l at all times. If you’re using chlorine granules 1mg/l = 2g per 1000 litres

Hot tub vs jetted bathtub, differences?

Hot tubs are much bigger than jetted bathtubs and are often used by two or more people together. Because of their size and weight hot tubs tend to be used outdoors. Many hot tubs are inflatable so they can be stored indoors in the cooler months

What does it mean to ‘’shock’ a hot tub?

If you shock a hot tub you raise the levels of sanitiser way in excess of normal levels. This gives you a much greater level of cleaning power. It can therefore resolve problems that are beyond the capabilities of cleaners at their regular strength

How often do I need to shock a hot tub?

You should shock a hot tub once a week if it’s in regular use. If it’s only in light use once a month is usually enough. You should also shock a hot tub after taking it out of storage and before putting it back into storage

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Common Health Benefits

The combination of hot water and massage is superbly relaxing for body and mind. You can add the benefits of socialization or just enjoy it by yourself. Hot tubs are great for all kinds of everyday conditions like stress, exhaustion and insomnia

Pain relief

Hot tubs are great for both headaches and bodily pain. Their relaxing properties deal with tension headaches. The heat relaxes the muscles and the jets stimulate blood flow. This combination helps to relieve bodily pain. In particular, it’s excellent for treating joint conditions like arthritis

A safe place for gentle exercise

The heat and jets in a hot tub will stimulate your heart on their own. If you want, however, you can exercise in a hot tub. The water will support your joints so movement is easier. It’s basically like having your own private, warm swimming pool

Weight loss

The heat and massage in a hot tub stimulate your heart. That stimulates your metabolism. The faster your metabolic rate, the more easily you burn off calories. In fact, just sitting in a hot tub can help you to lose weight. The extra exercise will make you lose more, faster

Better skin tone

The heat of the hot tub will open up the pores in your skin for a real deep cleanse. The heat and jets will stimulate your metabolism, nourishing and detoxifying your skin. After your hot tub, your moisturizer will sink in deeply through your open pores