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Your Bathroom

  • How To Install The Perfect Steam Shower

    FIRST STEP: It is super important to check your items prior to starting the installation to make sure it is 100% cosmetically as you require - It would be awful if you set about installing the item only to find a part or component needed replacing meaning you had to...
  • Product Features Explained

    Here is a quick guide to some of the key features and benefits of the products we sell. Lets Jump In..... Quick Navigation FastStart Steam Generator Monsoon Rain Shower Thermostatic Shower Valve/Mixer Valve Multi-spray/Single spray massage jets Ozone Cleaning Touch Screen Control Panel Bluetooth Chromotherapy Lights Flip-Down Seat Vs Shower...
  • Regulations when installing a boiler in a bathroom

    We are WPJ Heating, a Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating company in South West London. If you’re looking to install a boiler in your bathroom, we have some advice for you. We regularly perform new bathroom installations and see the bathroom becoming a popular choice for the location of...
  • What Is Hydrotherapy And How Does It Work?

    Meaning of hydrotherapy The treatment of diseases by using water is known as hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is also known as water therapy or Aqua therapy. Hot water is used in hydrotherapy, just like in spas or hot tubs during hydrothermal therapy. Hydrotherapy’s aim is to get rid of all the toxins...
  • Shower Cabin and Steam Shower Cleaning Guide

    A clean bathroom plays a huge role in maintaining good health. In this guide, we’ll show you how to transform your mould and dirt filled shower enclosure to a newly renovated looking bathroom with just a little elbow grease and reliable bathroom cleaner. for those with a steam shower or...

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