1. A steam shower is a cost-effective way to install a complete all-in-one shower enclosure

2. Your local gym has a steam room for its many health and weight loss benefits, a home steam sauna has exactly the same benefits.

3. Easy and inexpensive to install

4. Steam Showers come made to specification and are not all the same, I wouldn't buy an unheard of TV from eBay for £600 and likewise, I wouldn't buy an unbranded shower from an EBAY only seller either.

5. A steam shower is built away from its final position. Because units fixings and connections are present around the back of the shower, the actual build space will have to allow a person access around the back for the unit to later be slid into its final position

6. Not all steam showers that look the same are the same. Some have many big differences, thermostatic value Vs a mixer valve or touch screen Vs push buttons. Make sure you take these differences into account

7. A Pressure Equalising Valve (PEV) should be fitted, as with all shower valves, to protect the thermostatic core within the shower, this also ensures the proper functioning of the temperature control

8. With their increasing popularity, more and more plumbers have installed and are super competent with numerous units

9. Steam showers have sold in hundreds of thousands across the UK and are a time-tested, reliable and robust product. Which has come a long way since its introduction into the market

10. When installed correctly a steam cabin will become an essential addition to your home

11. There are many good retailers out there today selling great quality units such is their popularity

12. The old series of steam showers have ''push buttons'' rather than the touch screen these units are years old and have since been refined and tweaked.

13. A thermostatic valve offers many advantages over a mixer valve, including true temperature control and anti scolding to name the most important two

14. The electrics to the shower should ideally be on its own circuit

15. One of the main features of a steam shower is the ability to add aromatherapy oils to the steam, which has many benefits.

16. Always make sure the company you are buying from can provide step by step comprehensive instructions

17. All units come with a flexible hose and waste from the manufacturer. DONT pay extra!

18. A 30 min steam session in a unit costs about 17 pence at today's rates. Compare that to a £40 a month gym membership and your more than quid's in.

19. All steam showers have the ability to control the temperature of the cabin and have timer functions, Enabling you to have complete control over your sauna session

20. Many come in ''low-level entry'' which not only looks sleeker and more refined but adds ease of access

21. Most units can be fully fitted and working within a day.

22. The mirrored back glass is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a darkened mirror but it's still clear enough to shave.

23. Aromatherapy in the steam can reduce tension and anxiety, caused by stress, insomnia, and other similar issues.

24. The health benefits are endless. Doctors and professionals in the health and fitness world actually subscribe to the use of saunas to help cure the body of particular illnesses and conditions.

25. Some steam units have a control panel safety ''LOCK'' feature, so a child can be left safely without the danger of them turning the steam or any other unwanted function on.

26. Steam showers come with an O3 self-cleaning feature, this adds an oxygen molecule to the atmosphere within the shower which breaks down any mould, much or mildew.

27. To ensure a proper installation the floor beneath the unit should be finished, ideally in tiles. Floorboards are good enough to allow the unit to slide back and forth as required if fully level.

28. The remote control does not set the water functions or turn them on. The remote is more for the steam functions, you can set the perfect temperature, get it up to heat and put on your favourite CD before you even set foot in the bathroom

29. Many units have whirlpool baths which enable hydrotherapy and hydromassage both of which are accepted and practised forms of muscle pain and stress relief

30. Foot massagers are commonplace within steam showers, these have been specially designed to massage and relax the feet and improve circulation through reflexology techniques

31. Reports of leaky and poorly built steam showers are always down to poor installation or poor quality units, a steam shower is ordered from the manufacturer to specification and corners can be cut. Meaning that the shower you are buying is from a poor company or eBay. You'll probably get what you'd expect.

32. Make sure you buy from a good firm that can supply spares if needed and won't have gone bust when you do.

33. Aromatherapy can reduce fatigue and help alleviate sleeplessness

34. To make sure you have a proper installation and working fan and features, there should be an extra 15cm space above the height of the unit

35. Price up a steam shower to even a 'Value' regular shower set-up and there won't be a big difference

36. The skin ejects even more toxins than the kidney does in a day.

37. A typical sauna session will burn about 300 calories

38. Sweating is the main contributor to all exercise that results in weight loss

39. Sweating in a sauna removes the accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals as well as alcohol, nicotine, sodium, cholesterol and anything the body natural want rid of.

miami 105040. A 30-minute steam sauna will produce the same amount of perspiration as a 10-kilometre run, or as many calories as you would during rowing for 30 minutes.

41. A steam shower will add desirability and value to your home

42. Sweating is the best method of detoxifying the body

43. A sauna raises the body's temperature which in turn kick start the body's immune system which makes it stronger

44. The natural benefit of heat is to soothe and relax tired muscles

45. Sweat rids the body of almost all the same elements as urine.

46. A steam sauna is actually a treatment for many respiratory problems

47. Heavy sweating cleans your skin from the inside out and cleanses your skin more thoroughly than soap and water.

48. All electrics inside a steam unit is out of the way of any water and are transformed to a safe 12 volts via a transformer

49. Fitting a unit is possible on all water types as long as a minimum of 1 bar of water pressure is present

50. Fatty tissue often has poor circulation. Because saunas help improve circulation, regular use assists with the breakdown of fat deposits.

51. The best showers will come with an overhead monsoon shower, which will drench and invigorate the body

52. Complete with radio and even a CD connection. Whether it be your favourite show or CD or even relaxing sounds, it is all there for you.

53. A survey by Abbey revealed that hot tubs, saunas and gyms were the most desired home improvement addition, adding desirability and saleability to a home

54. The body jets on the higher quality steam showers have been specially designed to massage and relax the muscles as well as improve circulation

55. A steam shower with dark mirrored backglass does not need to have a ''finished'' wall behind it

56. A normal steam shower unit requires just one standard 13amp connection via a fused spur, a unit with a whirlpool function will need two

57. Most units a considered to be stand-alone appliances and as such can be easily dismantled and moved to other locations or homes

58. Whirlpool baths present in a steam shower often come with a chromotherapy light fitted, this is proven to relax and calm the mind as well as have a beautiful colour changing effect on the bath's water

59. Aromatherapy helps with concentration, memory recall and alertness

walk in sauna60. Blue luminous lighting or mood spotlights, pick the lighting that suits the feel of your bathroom

61. Aromatherapy in a steam shower helps enhance the experience of meditation and self-reflection, directly impacting emotional states through the olfactory system

62. In addition to the main monsoon shower the best unit will have a hand shower and riser, so you don't have to get your hair wet every time you shower

63. Different aromatherapy oils fight against different illnesses like colds and coughs

64. Mainly available in 800, 900, 950, 1050, 1100, 1350,1500 and 1700mm in length to suit all bathrooms

65. Dermatologists confirm that steam is a better cleansing agent than soap because it opens skin pores.

66. A sauna naturally improves circulation, increases your metabolism and relieves internal congestion

67. The

68. There are many different types of aromatherapy oils from Lavender to Apple, to Eucalyptus and Rosemary. Each has its own benefits and treat different ailments

69. The main MUST in any installation which will make for an easy installation is to ensure the tub/tray is completely level before proceeding

70. Aromatherapy helps relax, calm, uplift or stress-relieve the body.

71. The extractor fan within the steam shower ensures proper circulation and renewal of steam

72. The heat produced in a sauna tricks the body into thinking it has a 'phantom fever' which forces the immune system to not only cure any illness quicker but to build itself against any real illness in the future

73. There are many articles out there on the benefits of steam showers... read some

74. A Steam sauna has the long term effects to increase the ability of the skin to eliminate poisons

75. Remember, companies that sell steam showers DO NOT manufacture them. Buy from a company that has spares and the backing behind them to help you and still be in business in the future

76. A steam sauna followed immediately by an invigorating shower with massage jets! What could be better? Then you knew that...

77. A sauna opens your pores and helps rid the skin of bacteria that cause spots

78. Along with the aromatherapy and relaxing environment. Because your blood vessels and circulation are now more active the body feels in a more complete and relaxed state

79. The best operating temperature of a steam shower for the body is between 109 and 114 degrees

80. As well as the main light it may be possible to have any combination of the spotlight LED's and main light on or off if present

81. Many steam showers like anything manufactured originate from China, this is not a bad thing, it ensures competitive prices which are then hopefully passed to you.

82. Great for the less able, as well as the muscular, circulation and other health benefits. Showers are available with low-level entry tray complete with a solid shower seat, perfectly placed in front of the body jets.

83. A 12 months part warranty is very, very rarely need. This is a fact, unless it's a really cheap, flimsy unit with weak plastic knows and handles then there should be a reason 99.9% of people should even keep their warranty paper

84. Available in a variety of colours and contemporary or classic designs to best suit your needs

85. Alone with a new kitchen, nothing, pound for pound adds more value to your home than a desirable bathroom

86. Easy to use and understand controls for the elderly or children alike.

87. Registered disabled qualify to get showers VAT free due to the shower's high suitability and health benefits

88. If your steam unit comes with just a mixer valve, then weigh up how this will affect you and whether you can live with it

89. 30% of waste is lost via sweating, more if exercising or in the sauna, less without.

90. There is no reason why you should have any more problems installing a steam shower to a standard shower, any reported problems out there are a reflection of the sheer numbers being sold and are probably explained by a cowboy fitting, which is easily solved. 99.999999% of steam showers last forever and never have a problem

91. Ask the company your buying from if they can recommend any fitters they have had any experience with in the past

92. It's natural to try to find an item at the cheapest possible price, but often the cost-saving has to come from somewhere, if it's not the initial cost of the product, then it will most likely be the quality of the product or the support! Always do your homework

93. The tub or tray on a steam shower is fully sported by a steel frame which will support very heavyweight, many models are designed for two people to stand on and there are no problems, the design does not change in the one-person models. (Ask the retailer if you're concerned)

94. The PEV valve you need for your unit is a standard type that can be bought from anywhere, don't buy it from the steam shower supplier if you can find it cheaper elsewhere

95. Try to buy your unit from someone that only sells or specialises in steam saunas, this help you to speak to the right people and ensure you get the best aftercare or answer to any questions

96. Everyone that see's a steam shower is taken back by it and immediately wants one and rightly so, the more people hear about them the more people want them, and if you haven't got one the only reason can be because you haven't seen one!

97. Protect yourself and your family. Always make sure that any electric alterations are made by a fully qualified electrician and fully water test the shower before use.

98. Most steam showers now come with an alarm button on the control panel in case of any problems of slips you may have whilst in the shower.

99. Usually there is a telephone connection behind the steam shower which fully enables you to make and receive calls. You dial via the control panel, speak into the microphone at the bottom of it and the voice of the receiver comes from the speaker on the roof

100. 101 is a big number.

101. A steam shower is a great addition in any bathroom and i could probably rattle on all day till 501 about the many great benefits they bring or certainly go on in greater detail. A steam shower from a good supplier will last you for years and never give you any problems just years and years of enjoyment and relaxation. That's a promise