Quality Outdoor Furniture: Selection, Care and Repair of Rattan Pieces

Are you presently looking to purchase rattan or wicker furniture to furnish your outdoor spaces? If so, you might be wondering how to pick out top quality rattan pieces that will hold up well to the elements and maximize your money’s worth when it comes to durability and longevity. Or maybe you currently have rattan garden sets you just bought and want to know more about the care and maintenance strategies that would be best for this natural material. Either way, the following guide to basic rattan furniture selection, care and repair will definitely come in handy for you.

Selecting Quality Rattan Pieces

The key to achieving the maximum lifespan possible for the rattan furniture you purchase is in being able to pick out best quality rattan while shopping in the first place. So before buying those rattan loungers for your poolside, first make sure that you check each of them for quality. Is the rattan furniture surface smooth to touch? If the surface is coarse, the furniture piece will be more likely to gather dust, dirt and moisture that could hasten the material’s disintegration over time. While shopping for your rattan garden sets, see to it that each piece does not have splits or cracks over its surface, and that no hair-like strands are hanging anywhere off of it. It would also be a great advantage if you can spot rattan pieces that are adequately covered by a good coating of lacquer or shellac, as this further smoothens the material’s exterior and seals the rattan from getting dust and dirt ingrained in its surface. As a natural plant material, rattan also needs to retain a certain level of moisture within it to prevent splintering and cracking, and the shellac or lacquer coating also helps guarantee quality and longevity in this respect.

Care and Maintenance of Rattan Material

Rattan garden sets, though fairly resistant to dirt, dust, and splintering, do need a certain amount of regular care and maintenance to keep them looking their best despite being continually exposed to the elements. Once a week, or at least once every month, wipe your rattan pieces thoroughly with the suds of a detergent-and-water solution using a soft cloth. Once a year, use a brush to coat the furniture surface with a good layer of lacquer or sealant after cleaning it, to protect it from excessive dryness, dust, and dirt.

Repair of Common Rattan Furniture Damages

Have you spotted a split or crack on the surface of your rattan or wicker furniture? If yes, all you need to do is get some boiled linseed oil, a small brush, and a soft cloth. Use the brush to apply a sufficient amount of boiled linseed oil to the split or cracked surface until the material won’t absorb any more oil. Then use a soft cloth to wipe the area clean, and allow the material to dry and harden before using the furniture piece again. This technique brings back some moisture into the material and causes it to swell or be more flexible, allowing it to recover and making any split or crack less noticeable. Take note to use only boiled linseed oil for this process, as raw linseed oil won’t harden enough to effect a visible change in the rattan material.

Sauna Basics

Infrared saunas are the latest innovations in the bathroom fixture industry. While it is considered as a type of sauna, it is a totally new and different thing. Due to the introduction of the word infrared, many people have concerns regarding its method of operation and health benefits. This article aims to shed light on the topic and bring infrared saunas to the forefront of current technology.

How Does It Work?

spa-guys-steam.ashxThis new type of sauna does not utilize steam generators anymore. Instead, it uses infrared heaters that convert light into heat. The heat produced this way is completely different from that of steam. With steam, the entire air temperature is heightened and this reflects to the environment inside the sauna. With infrared heat, it is the individual that directly absorbs the heat without using the air as a medium.

People are not very comfortable with this type of heating because they relate it to ultraviolet radiation, commonly called UV. This is a perfectly understandable misconception as both UV and IR rays are emitted by the sun. However, it is worth noting that infrared heat is in no way harmful and is even beneficial to the body.

What Health Benefits Can Be Had?

Steam saunas are commended for their ability to cleanse the pores and the skin. Infrared saunas, due to their method of operation, can further help by penetrating our body tissue. The warmth introduced to the tissues help remedy a lot of problems such as joint pain, stiffness, sore muscles and also help alleviate the pain felt from arthritis.

Difference with Traditional Saunas

1348231103934Infrared saunas use lesser resources than the traditional counterpart. This is because the heat is felt quicker than with steam. There are also some people that cannot afford to stay long in steam saunas because of respiratory problems. With infrared heat, this is not a problem. As mentioned earlier, the air in the sauna is not actually heated but rather the person himself. This means that the air remains at an acceptable temperature and allows a person to remain at ease.

In terms of costing, the infrared version of saunas is a lot less expensive. Due to the lack of need for a steam generator, the upfront cost is significantly lower. Monthly costs are also lower as there is no need to use water and turn it into steam. One simply needs electricity to get it up and running.

Installation and maintenance is also a walk in the park. Due to the lack of water in the infrared sauna, one does not need to worry about waterborne bacteria from building up in the enclosure. The sauna will always be dry and will never allow fungus to thrive.

All in all, infrared saunas are much more beneficial to the users than steam saunas. It provides all the benefits of traditional saunas without the complications that arise from exposure to too much steam or moist environments. However, steam saunas are still high in demand due to the soothing effect of steam brushing up against the skin. As long as one asks permission from his physician, either of these will suffice.

Hydrotherapy and Hydro Massage At Home

As we go on in our day to day lives, we often forget how important it is to take some time off to relax and unwind. Many of us are too caught up with work and the pressure that goes with it. Now take a moment and ask yourself this… Do I spend enough time each day to make myself fit? Have I made an effort to relax and exercise? Have I even tried to keep a healthy body to cope with everyday work and activities?

There is no need to come to an expensive health center to enjoy hydrotherapy and hydro massage treatments. Now you and your family can create and get a hold of the same best spa treatment and comfort in your own way. Here are some bright ideas to get the same relaxation and benefits of hydrotherapy and hydro massage in your own living space. But first, here’s a quick glance on how you and your family will benefit from this form of treatment.

what-is-hydrotherapyWhat is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is considered a part of medicine that involves the use of water for treatment and pain relief. Early recordings proved that ancient Egyptian, Romans, Greek and Persian civilization made use of this treatment. Egyptian were said to have used this therapy along with essential oils (aromatherapy).Romans had public communal baths. Persians bathed in spring waters believing that it treat illnesses. Even ancient Japanese and Chinese were noted for using hydrotherapy with the use of their natural hot springs.

Hydrotherapy covers therapeutic methods and approaches that take advantage of the physical properties of water, such as pressure and temperature. For instance, High temperature water hydrotherapy stimulates blood circulation and treats symptoms of certain diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism. It can also be used in combination with aromatherapy. Cold water treatment or Cryotherapy is an ice bath or immersion that improves blood flow and invigorates internal activities inside the body.

hot-tub-blog-image_0001s_0016_jets2Water therapy is mostly used to treat illnesses and conditions including; stress, sleep disorders, headache, depression, acne, stomach problems, and colds. It is also commonly used for reducing and relieving abrupt and continuous pain. Hydrotherapy dramatically increases the elimination of waste thus helping the body to detoxify, loosening tight tense muscles that encourages relaxation, increases the metabolic rate needed for digestion, hydrates the skin cells to improve muscle tone, boosts the immune system for it to function more effectively and improves certain internal organs to stimulate blood supply.

Methods and Uses of Hydrotherapy

Right way of cleansing the skin can contribute in stimulating blood flow and the process of detoxification in the body. It can also remove muscle strains and relieve soreness of shoulders, neck, back and feet. There are various techniques in using hydrotherapy. These include shower, baths, cold mitten friction rub, steam inhalation and hot and cold compresses, wet sheet pack, body wrap and salt glow.

One effective method of hydrotherapy is by the use of standard home shower or power shower enclosures. Start by simply getting into the shower with warm water and lather the skin with an exfoliating scrub. Then change the water temperature to a cooler setting and let the water run over the entire body giving much attention to the areas such as torso, back and legs. After being exposed to cold water, set the water temperature to warm again to finish. Towel the whole body dry and then you will instantly feel awake, revitalize, and relax. The most significant factor of this method is that it could be easily practice cheaply at home.

What is Hydro Massage?

illus_hydrotherapy_jetsHydro Massage is a massage based treatment that uses warm water. Its essence is by the application of thermal, mechanical or chemical massage techniques through the water to the human body. Hydro massage therapy’s history goes centuries back from ancient Greece, although it was recorded that ancient Romans were the ones who really made it popular. Romans as they conquered countries, had also introduced hydro massage and its benefits.

In earlier history, a man named Tobias Smollet wrote an essay about hydro massage saying that “pumped water was a good treatment for obstruction of menses and hysterical disorders”. From then hydro massage had gained popularity. Many years passed and now more and more advanced hydro massage equipment are available thus making it easier for people to use it at home. Underwater manual massage, High- pressure water massage and jet massage in the air are just a few examples of many methods of Hydro massage.

Benefits of Hydro Massage

Listed below are some of the benefits and effects of hydro massage:

Lessen stress– Massage therapy like hydro massage creates an effect of relaxation in the muscles and nerves on the body.

Relieves prolonged pain – As we go on to our daily lives we tend to ignore pains thinking it will go away on its own. Sometimes we take prescription drugs just to decrease discomfort it brings. Well, hydro massage causes to release endorphins. Endorphin is a hormone inside our body that works as a natural painkiller. It goes to our nervous system and decreases the feeling of discomfort.

Support the immune system – People who lack active physical activities tend to get the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion just by doing small physical task.  With that, our muscles get constricted thus making it hard for our heart to produce oxygen around the body. Hydro massage helps to relieve tightened muscles, stimulate blood flow and decreases the stress on the heart, as a result it gives the body extra energy to do more work.

Refines skin tone – The sun’s UV ray, pollution and lack of vitamins contributes to bad skin consequently resulting to wrinkles, dry- rough skin and premature skin aging. Hydro massage takes effect on the capillaries which rejuvenates and speeds up the removal of harmful toxins in our body leaving the skin feeling fresh and new.

Helps sleep better – Daily stress can result to sleepless nights, making you feel irritable and tired the morning after. In conjunction with muscle relaxation, Hydro massage calms down your heart rate and causes to lower your blood pressure. As a result, you’ll get rhythmic breathing pattern as a start to have a good night sleep.


Hydro massage bathtub is one perfect way to take advantage of the unlimited benefits that hydrotherapy can bring. With more affordable models being offered in the marketplace, it is advisable to replace your standard bathtub with new ones that will give good health care your body needs.

Things to Consider with a Home Spa

Many people are thinking about creating a health spa within their homes because of the number of health advantages available. However, there are many things to consider before purchasing.

  1. Time is the most important thing you should be equipped with before beginning this project. You need to make sure you have plenty of spare time to take on the task, so making an entire weekend available for the project or setting time aside daily is the way to go.
  2. The second most important thing to remember is to consume plenty of water. This will be used in your health spa. Use pure, clear water, nothing with flavors because plain water will do a lot better at detoxifying.
  3. Keeping the right temperature in your home is important. Keeping the temperature warm and comfortable is imperative. Turn on the heater to keep it warm unless it is warm outside to begin with. However, keep the temperature comfortable to you.
  4. Of course, having relaxing music is imperative for your health spa. Pick a style of music that is calming and relaxing to you, such as classical.
  5. Incenses and fragrances can also add to the calming of the nerves. There are many sticks and oils that carry out similar soothing effects. Sticks are burned in holders while oils are placed in saucers.
  6. For incense, you can also try fresh flowers. Flowers have the plus of looking beautiful due to their many colors. The presence of pretty flowers can turn your ordinary room into a spa getaway. Type of flower is completely up to you.


RackMultipart20130116-25885-1k650qv_grid_6Equipment Necessary

To create your very own spa, you do not need high tech gadgets, just a couple simple things. All the items you need are easily accessible and are quite affordable.


  1. Loofa: A cosmetic product which is rough until wet. It is used as a massager by gently circling it against your skin, creating a soothing effect.
  2. The pumice stone, which originally came from volcanic areas, is a common stone used for pedicures. The rough texture exfoliates dry cells, and should be followed with a good moisturizer.
  3. A friction glove is similar to the pumice stone, with a rough outer layer used in exfoliation.
  4. Back brushes are used to reach places not easily accessible, such as the back. It will exfoliate and rejuvenate skin that is usually missed.
  5. Skin brushes are like back brushes, with softer bristles. Generally used for dry brushing before showering, using in circular motion from the feet up, it can be useful in removing dead skin cells. This will help the body to excrete toxins and remove cellulite.
  6. Cooling eye masks are beneficial in reducing puffiness found beneath the eyes.
  7. A padded cellulite massager works extremely well to reduce the lumpy appearance of skin upon your thighs.

These simple items can make your experience so much better and make your mini spa dreams come to life.

Spa Baths Types, Benefits, and the Best Tips in Buying One for Your Home

The word “spa” calls to mind images of therapeutic baths and other treatments for health, beauty, and relaxation purposes. But did you know the origin of the word is an actual place in the map?

Spa is actually a town in Belgium, somewhere within the Liège province. It is home to a resort with famous medicinal mineral springs, and the name of the place has obviously evolved to be a noun denoting any such similar place. Nowadays, the word “spa” is commonly used to refer to resort areas with mineral springs, health spas providing therapeutic baths, fashionable hotels, or even simply a hot tub for relaxation.

When it comes to spa baths in tubs, there are generally two types: the hot tub bath and the jetted bath. Sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably, but there’s a difference between them.



managing-the-water-in-your-jacuzzi-hot-tubThe hot tub is a general term that connotes either wooden-staved barrel soaking tubs or fiberglass-covered plastic tubs filled with a warm body of water. In some cases it may also refer to a small pool located outdoors, designed for use by a larger number of people for pleasure or therapy.

Hot tubs do not necessarily currents of water streaming from the all around the tub, and the health benefits are derived more from the relaxing warm water temperature than the massaging pressures of water currents. In this sense, a hot tub bath is also sometimes referred to as a thermal bath, used for bathing, self-cleansing, muscle ache relief, immune system stimulation, or general body relaxation.

Colloquially, it is also common to hear the term hot tub being used to denote the next type, the jetted baths.



hot-tub-blog-image_0001s_0016_jets2Okay, so maybe you aren’t so familiar with the term “jetted baths.” But you’ve probably heard about a Jacuzzi, right? The fact is, a Jacuzzi is a jetted bath. Jacuzzi is actually a brand name, derived from the last name of the pioneers of jetted bath technology, the Jacuzzi brothers.

Jetted baths are also better known by the term whirlpool baths. But whether you prefer to call these baths jetted, Jacuzzi, or whirlpool, they all have one thing in common: they have special motorized jets built behind the tub walls. These jets spurt water (water-massage system), air (air-massage system), or a combination of the two elements to provide its bathers with a relaxing or even therapeutic massage.


Further below, you’ll find a guide discussing the important factors you’ll need to look at when it comes to selecting hot tubs and jetted baths. But first let’s take a quick look into the benefits that both hot tubs and jetted baths offer.


Benefits of Spa Baths

  1. Hot tubs and jetted baths are great for ways to relax, relieve stress, and reinvigorate your body.

Whether you have an active lifestyle because of your love for sports, or you’re constantly busy and on your feet because of a demanding job, you’ll certainly need something to restore your energy and recondition your body once in a while. And if you’re looking to indulge in something relaxing after a long and tiring day, a relaxing hot tub soak or an invigorating jetted bath massage will do just the trick! These baths, whether enjoyed in the privacy of your own home or availed as a resort spa service, will be sure to relieve your stress and recharge your body.


  1. Larger hot tub and Jacuzzi parties are popular ways of socializing.

j465-couple-in-hot-tubWith the relaxed ambience promoted by hot tubs and jetted baths, family and friends can gather and simply chill out, chat, and enjoy the baths in the company of each other. Larger tubs and jetted tubs that have enough space for the simultaneous use of several people are usually located outside the house and situated in a garden, where bathers can take pleasure in the outdoor atmosphere.


  1. Hydrotherapy through hot, cold, or contrast water temperatures promote better health and overall wellbeing.

Hydrotherapy through hot water soaks dates back even to the early times of Native American tribes. Hot springs were accorded special status and used as natural healing spas, with many of such waters believed to have special healing powers. The Romans built communal baths that incorporated thermal waters in their communities, and they took daily soaks to enjoy the revitalizing properties of such baths.

what-is-hydrotherapyThe use of hot water in therapeutic baths is proven to have many health benefits. Heat promotes better blood circulation, which means improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the bather’s body. It also opens up skin pores, helping the body cleanse impurities and rejuvenate the skin. It is also said to help stimulate the immune system to better fight off infections and disease.

Cold water baths were popularized during the height of the Victorian era. They are said to improve blood flow return, as well as promote more efficient clearing of cellular breakdown products by the body’s lymphatic system. Nowadays cold water immersion is part of the therapies conducted by rehabilitation clinics, sports medicine services, and physical therapists.

Contrast hydrotherapy combines the use of both heat and cold in bath sessions to encourage better lymphatic drainage and improve circulatory system functioning. In this type of therapy, water temperatures are altered in complementary tanks or showers. Studies have shown that use of this therapy as treatment to recent injuries can help reduce swelling and hasten healing by better stimulating blood flow to the injured area.


  1. Water therapy through controlled pressures and massages in jetted baths brings about great health benefits.

The swirling action of water comforts the body and also stimulates better circulation to the skin and other body tissues. With the jets spurting water at targeted body parts, the varying water pressures are aimed at soothing the most common problem areas in the body, such as the neck, shoulders, lower back, thighs, and feet. The gentle massaging action of water relieves tired muscles, promotes optimum relaxation, and aids in improving blood circulation. As a result, after a jetted bath, you’ll be sure to feel relieved from bothersome muscle tensions, freshened up, and well-rested from a truly unwinding bathing experience.



Selecting Hot Tubs & Jetted Baths: What You Need to Consider Before Buying One

  1. Installation Location

One of the first questions you’ll need to answer in choosing a hot tub or jetted bath is: Where will it be installed? Answering this question alone will help you make important practical considerations when it comes to the maximum size and the most appropriate shape of the tub bath that would be best for your needs.

a-Jacuzzi-hot-tub-can-really-support-your-healthy-lifestyleIf you’re planning to install a larger tub inside your home, you need to be aware if the combined weight of the tub and the water it’ll hold can be supported by the floor of your intended installation location. Some areas may need additional reinforcement to adequately support the tub’s weight. Get professional advice from a structural engineer if you’re in doubt. Also check whether the tub will fit through the doorways it’ll need to pass to get to the installation location, as most baths come as a single complete piece that can’t be separated into smaller sections.

As for a tub you’re planning to install outdoors, visualize where it will be situated in your garden. Where will it be facing? How will the shape fit into the designated space? Will its placement complement the overall design of your garden? Some retailers of quality tub manufacturers would be willing to discuss the specific considerations needed for the most efficient tub installations.

  1. Size and Shape

Tubs and baths come in various shapes and sizes. As mentioned above, the installation location will play an important role in limiting your options when it comes to tub size and shape. Some hot tub retailers offer to conduct a site survey at your home to help you decide the best size and shape that’ll suit your needs.

Aside from the location, another factor that’ll affect your choice when it comes to size and shape will be the number of people you want to accommodate within the tub at one time. There are standard family sizes available, but if you’re planning to throw bigger hot tub parties, a larger tub which offers more seats would be the practical choice.

The design or shape of the tub will also affect the comfort of its users. Keep in mind that larger tubs don’t always equate to more seats, just more space for the bathers to move in, making them the best choices if you’re after optimum comfort. Some tub designs feature a lounge seat, and for these types don’t forget to see whether they’ll accommodate the height of the bathers comfortably. You can check for the comfort of hot tubs and jetted baths by sitting in them at a tub showroom.


  1. Material and Quality

Remember that one of the purposes of these tubs and baths is to help you relax and relieve stress. Therefore, it’s imperative that they provide you with great service without stressing you out with operational problems. Well-made tubs are long-lasting and don’t cost a fortune to run. They are usually made of several layers that provide significant insulation, making them capable of excellent heat retention. Without good insulation capabilities, a hot tub will eventually cost you more when it comes to heat expenditure, even though you got it at a cheaper price. So it’s ultimately better to invest in quality tubs and baths, although they may cost more upfront.

Also check for a strong, solid base that can retain heat well at the bottom of your tub. A solid base will also protect your tub from pesky outdoor pests that may invade it from underneath, especially for outdoor tubs situated at gardens. Furthermore, check the tub’s structural support frame. Steer clear of materials that are flimsy and prone to rust. For free-standing tubs, adjustable legs are great features that’ll help ensure your bath’s stability even when installed on uneven surfaces.

Finally, check the hot tub cover. Covers are used to retain heat in the tub and prevent airborne debris from contaminating the tub water when not in use. Look for solid, well-insulated tub covers which feature locks that can be fastened on the tub sides. This will secure your tub from being tampered with when not in use.


  1. Jets

illus_hydrotherapy_jetsSelecting a jetted bath is a little more complicated than choosing a regular hot tub, because of the added feature of motorized jets. These jets are responsible for the swirling motion of water found in whirlpool baths, and it’s important to understand what to consider when choosing the best jetted bath.


  • Number

The first thing you’ll notice is the number of jets featured in a tub. Most baths would include four jets: one for your back area, two along the sides, and one for the foot part. However, note that jet count is not the only thing you’ll need to consider when buying jetted baths.


  • Type

Jets can be of two types: water jets and air jets. As their names imply, water jet systems push out water while air jet systems push out air.

Water jet tubs circulate water within the tub and promote the pulsating pressures that massage the bathers’ muscles in targeted body parts. Some tubs feature water jets that can be controlled by a special dial to vary the speed and direction of jetted water.

Air jet tubs usually involve a system of holes that stream out air bubbles through the water to provide an extra massage option for the bather. Most are also digitized to allow the user to control the intensity at which the air bubbles are blown up. Many baths combine the two systems so the user can personalize the bath according to his or her preferences.


  • Placement and formation

This is a crucial factor you should consider. The strategic placement of jets along the tub walls could make or break the therapeutic effects a jetted bath offers. The jets should be positioned appropriately to target the main muscle groups that most need massaging, such as your neck, lower back, shoulders, and feet.

Steam Shower FAQ’S

What is a steam shower cabinet?


A steam shower cabinet is a small area, similar to a cubicle, which houses steam and can fit one to two persons.


Can I Turn on the Steam and the Shower at the Same Time?


Yes, of course. The knobs for each of these are independent of each other. As such, you can turn one on alongside the other or one after the other.


Do I need to attach the cabinet to the wall?


There is no need to do such a thing. Modern technology has allowed the materials in steam cabinets to be very lightweight and rigid. This means that it can be placed anywhere in the bathroom without further need of any support. That is why some steam shower cabinets can also be found outdoors.


Is it Necessary to Stand? All the advertisements depict people standing in these showers.


Not at all. Standing is of course the normal posture we take when we shower. However, since you are going to be staying in a hot environment for more than fifteen minutes, it is understandable if you want to sit. Sitting is quite normal during steam sessions and some cabins have built-in seats. Seating is actually preferred as it helps one relax even faster.


Why Would You Need One?


Steam is a very natural antioxidant. Continued exposure to steam brings about tons of health benefits. Firstly, people with high blood pressure experience smoother blood flow because the body is relaxed and the heart pumps more blood in a warm environment.


monsoon2_244912748_largeWater in this form is also great in removing any dirt and grime that may remain hidden in the pores. Due to its gaseous nature, steam can reach further than water in liquid form can. One is sure to be rid of tons of microorganisms that may be slowly accumulating in the epidermis.


The steam session also helps one relax mentally. With a relaxing environment and steam gently massaging the body, one can’t help but be relieved of all the stresses in one’s mind. People under constant stress are sure to enjoy the feeling and will want to stay in the cabinet for a long time.


As with all things, there also needs to be moderation though. Too much contact with steam is also harmful as the skin becomes too dry and could crack.


Can Anyone Enjoy Steam Sessions?


People who experience any form of circulatory problems should seek their physician’s permission prior to trying this activity. Young kids and old people should also be wary as they might suffer accidents.

Health Benefits Of A Steam Shower

Not many people know how beneficial steam cabin showers can be to one’s sleep. As we all know, sleep is very important and can guide a person’s mood during the day. However, there are many people who cannot sleep well. There are some who are able to sleep for long periods of time but wake up still a mess. This is mostly caused by a lack of inner relaxation and the presence of stress.

A good way to improve one’s quality of sleep is by regularly using steam cabin showers. This device is capable of introducing a deeply relaxed state of mind and well-rested muscles. With these in place, one is able to sleep without any problems. Here are other sleep benefits one will experience.

Steam Shower and Weight Loss

People used to believe that if you stayed up late, your body uses up more energy and becomes exhausted. That is indeed true. However, what people fail to realize is that the more exhausted you are, the hungrier you get. In time, you are going to crave food and eat. Then, all the lost energy is refilled once again. This is why one gains weight when staying up late. Additionally, the body also performs digestion when one is asleep. If there is lesser time for this, the body also loses time to digest food which remains in the body longer than necessary. When this occurs for a long time, fat may start to accumulate.


Lower Blood Pressure

sauna-blog-image__0000s_0051_Insteam-Models52One’s blood pressure is immensely lowered inside steam cabin showers. This is because one’s heart pumps a lot of blood into the stream causing our veins to be full of blood. After a relaxing steam session, the deep sleep one experiences also helps lessen our blood pressure. This is helpful especially for people with hypertension.


A Steam Shower improves Mood

As mentioned earlier, one’s mood is affected by how rested one is. People who do not sleep as well as others often wake up cranky and unnerved whereas those who sleep well feel revitalized and happy.


Improved Immunity

During the steam session, our body’s immune system is heightened because of the added blood in the body. This blood supplies the various systems in the body with enough oxygen and nutrients to make them efficient. This includes the immune system which produces more lymph to combat infections. Alongside this, getting sufficient deep sleep also improves our immune system by regenerating our cells while we sleep. This includes our white blood cells which are our main defense against bacteria and other microorganisms.


Better Recuperation

sleep-1When one has an injury or illness, it is almost always recommended that they rest well. When one is in a rested state after using steam cabin showers, one’s body can control inflammation better which helps one to recover any injuries sustained.


With sleep disorders affecting more than half of the world’s population, we could all surely use a helping hand to help us sleep. Sleeping pills are not really the best choice in most instances. That is why we must resort to organic means to help us sleep such as enjoying these steam sessions.

How A Steam Shower Works

Imagine that you just got home from school or the office. You feel weary, your body is aching and you are a bit chilly. Imagine just sitting down in a bench in the shower and being engulfed by steam with a simple push of a button. After a mere 20 minutes, you exit the stall feeling rejuvenated, warm and alive.


steam room glazed (1)This type of scenario usually warrants a trip to a health spa or gym. These days, however, homeowners prefer having this experience at home. This is done by upgrading one’s regular shower stall into a wonderful device called a steam shower. This is not only beneficial to our skin and respiratory system but it is also much more efficient than a whirlpool tub or sauna. Whirlpool tubs take a long time to fill up and saunas also take some time to increase the temperature. Steam showers, on the other hand, can instantly generate steam and can also be turned off just as quick. Best of all, one can rinse himself with a cold shower directly after due to the presence of a shower head.


The steam shower is controlled by a digital control panel inside. Once the button is pressed, a valve is triggered which fills the steam generator with a gallon of water. This water is instantly heated and is channeled through a pipe into the stall. The stall is then filled with just enough steam to warm your entire family. The temperature is kept to a steady 118 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius.


One can enjoy the steam session for as long as he wants. The water consumption of steam is around 2 gallons for every 20 minutes inside the shower. If you compare it to traditional showering, it is a lot cheaper because regular showers use around 40 gallons in the same amount of time.


Although you save in water costs, you do spend a little more due to the electricity it consumes. This is because of the steam generator that converts the water into steam. It is worth noting that you need a stronger steam generator if you have a larger cubicle. Be sure to buy one that can support your unit.



822254-nsp_steam-rooms_people-in-steam-roomIt is not that easy to install a steam shower. This will require the aid of several professionals. The first thing you will be dealing with is getting the shower and generator. There are several sellers of this at your local malls but even more are available online. Once you have the shower, you will need a contractor to do the installation. One very important thing that the contractor has to check is that the generator is around 25 feet away from the cubicle. It would be best to conceal it in a linen closet or have its own enclosure so that no mishaps occur. The cubicle area then needs to be tiled well so as to prevent steam from exiting. Once this is ready, all that is left is to hook up the generator piping to the cubicle and the generator to the outlet.


Steam Shower cost

You can have a custom steam shower built for around £3000. If you are planning on buying a stand-alone and readymade steam shower, it will cost anywhere from £600 to £3000.

Different Types Of Steam Showers

Are you in the spa or gym business? Are you looking for ways to relieve stress among your family members? If you are, you have surely come across the steam shower. These are wonderful bathroom fixtures that help one relax and feel healthy at the same time. When checking a unit out, one needs to consider a lot of things such as where the unit is to be placed and also the number of users that it can accommodate. Several expenses also need to be considered when choosing the type of unit to purchase.

insignia-gt9005-1400mm-x-900mm-steam-shower-cabin-unit-enclosure-4360-pModular Steam Showers

Modular units are the first type of steam showers. The price ceiling of this shower can be up to 5000 US dollars. These showers have multiple shower heads, integral doors, foldable seats and steam dispensers among others. These units allow the person to use it as a steam bath or simply a regular shower. There is decent floor area for two people to share a shower together. There are also some units which have a tub at the base so that one can recline and relax. These units also come in various shapes and sizes with rectangle being the standard as it is normally fitted in the corner of bathrooms. Modular steam shower units with textured floors are ideal as they increase one’s traction inside to reduce the chance of accidents occurring.

Custom Steam Showers

There are also custom steam shower units available in the market. These allow you to control the steam that flows inside the unit. As the name goes, it is custom because you can modify everything from the floors to the ceiling. People usually take advantage of this by putting together the best materials possible to make their unit leak proof. The door, in particular, needs extra work because it is the Ac’illes heel of the shower when it comes to letting moisture out.


Another thing that one can customize are the features installed in the unit. One can have a foot massager or an extra seat installed. One can even add music and lighting to add flair to the shower.

 Luxury Steam showers

showermanLast on the list is the luxury steam shower which is jam-packed with features. This shower costs tens of thousands of dollars and justly so. It comes complete with gadgets such as hands-free telephones, CD players, inlets for aromatherapy, remote control, alarms and much more. Plus, its huge size allows for up to 8 people to fit together. These steam shower units are perfect for high class hotels and spas that want to pamper and impress their guests. It is also ideal for homes that are the regular hosts of parties and soirees.


These are the three different types of steam shower units which one can choose from. Be sure to pick the one that suits your budget and purpose. As with all delicate equipment, be sure to have professionals install and secure it. We’re sure you wouldn’t want any harm to befall your customers or your loved ones by skimming on installation costs.